If you’d like to get in touch, whether you are a PR and want to collaborate or if you’re a reader with any requests or questions the best way to do so would be via my email address and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Posts that are sponsored or contain any PR samples will have a disclaimer at the bottom and the product(s) will be marked with an asterisk* on them to make it as clear as possible my opinion. I only blog about products I truly like and my opinions are 100% genuine

As much as I love blogging about skincare, always make sure you’ve checked the ingredients on products you put on your face and that they are appropriate for your skin type! I only share what has worked for me, I’m not a dermatologist or something else!

I’m also open to people guest posting on my blog so if you’re up for it, email me and we’ll sort something out, And of course I read every comment so if you have a question I can answer it from there.

Email: madeinheartgr@gmail.com